Package Styles

Campbell flow wrappers produce a variety of attractive package styles including fin seal, shrink, on-edge, dual lane, side seal, and others.


Fin Seal

Campbell Fin Seal style packages have extended end crimps and a fin seal along the center of the bottom of the package. Common fin seal wrapped products include bakery, bars, confections, household products and more.
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Shrink Wrap

Products are wrapped with shrink/polyethylene film. Common shrink wrapped applications include baby/tub wipes, candy boxes, greeting cards, meat/poultry trays, pizzas/crusts, stacks of paper, sticker cards, tortilla/taco shells, and more.
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Products travel through the flow wrapper and are packaged standing on edge at speeds up to 150 packages/minute. Products that are wrapped on edge include cookies, crackers, frozen hash browns, frozen meat patties, and rice cakes.
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Hard to handle products, such as air fresheners, catheters, coffee filters, greeting cards, licorice and syringes, that cannot be ordinarily controlled on a conventional upright wrapper are packaged with an Inverted Wrapper.
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Dual Lane

Two lanes of products are wrapped simultaneously to produce packages at speeds up to 1,200 packages per minute. Dual lane products include candy, cookies, crackers, meat patties, syringes and other food and non-food products.
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Side Seal

Side Seal Wrappers produce packages with three side seals to provide an unobstructed print surface on both the front and back side of the package. Products include mailers, syringes, tea bags, and others.
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Wet Wipe

Campbell Wet Wipe Wrappers produce resealable packages for a variety of wet wipe applications including baby wipes, household cleaning wipes, and personal care wipes. Machine speeds up to 150 products per minute can be achieved.
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