Letter from the President


As you consider the many alternatives for sources of packaging machinery, one of the questions that you may ask is "What makes Campbell different?" I think the Campbell difference can be summed up in three key elements:

Dedication to Our Customers' Success
If your goal is to purchase the lowest cost packaging machine, we will probably not be your choice. If your goal is the lowest total cost to package your product, then we are the best choice. Your cost to manufacture your product is determined by speed of equipment, uptime, cost to maintain and durability/longevity. When this total equation is considered, Campbell Wrapper is the solid choice.

Our speed capabilities in excess of 600 packages per minute will at least match your upstream product manufacture and downstream secondary packaging capabilities.

Our reputation for reliability is a result of solid, time-tested mechanical designs and leading-edge PLC based control systems. With Allen-Bradley’s control system, you will never be left in the dark with a "black box" control.

Our internal parts manufacturing capacity gives us the ability to provide spare parts, made to original equipment specifications, on a timely basis. Our staff of experienced service technicians stand ready to assist when you need to call on their expertise.

Building durable, long-lasting equipment is in our genes. It goes back to production of the first flow wrapper in the U.S. by our business in the 1940's (then known as a "Campbell Wrapper" from the Hudson-Sharp Machine Company), through the FMC and SASIB years and on to the present. Our installed base of machines numbers in the thousands, with many from those early decades still in use.

Building Customer Partnerships
Our employees will get to know you. You will get to know our people, our engineers, assemblers, field service and customer support contacts, not only our salesperson.

Even though their paychecks say "Campbell", our employees know they really work for you, and that is the way we want it.

Working together with you on custom-engineered applications is a Campbell strength. No matter how unusual your need, chances are we have designed something similar before.

Our goal is not to provide any company only one machine. Our strategy is to build a partnership that spans decades and includes many machines, ideally a factory (yours) full of our machines.

We work to earn your business by being honest and fair in our dealings, timely in our response, and uncompromising in the quality of all we provide.

Are we perfect? No, but if we stumble you can be assured we will get to the root of the problem and fix it.

Decision Making Rooted in Stability of Private, "Hands-On" Ownership
We have no other shareholders to satisfy, no quarterly earnings targets to manage toward. Actions and decisions flow naturally from what best contributes to building the long-term success of the business, knowing that our success can only come from contributing to the success of our customers.

Some would call our debt-free balance sheet "unaggressive." We prefer to view it as peace of mind, the same peace of mind our customers have when they know that our business will not only be here in three months when their machine is delivered, but also in 3 decades when they need support, a replacement, or additional capacity.

If you are already a customer-partner of ours, THANK YOU for your trust! If you are not yet, we are eager for the opportunity to earn your business and let you experience the Campbell difference.

Best regards,


John Dykema