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Reports to: Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Job Summary


  • Bachelor’s degree in an engineering discipline
  • Minimum of 10 years of experience in custom machinery design, product line management or project management.
  • Extensive understanding of technology and applications
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent computer skills including a strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office products including Microsoft Project.
  • Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced environment, ability to manage multiple priorities and maintain a positive, calm and professional attitude with customers and fellow team members.
  • Leadership skills to set team objectives, lead design reviews, monitor overall project schedule along with excellent record keeping.
  • Lead by example always portraying the Company in a highly professional manner both within and outside of the office and display highly ethical behavior and good judgement.
  • Prior experience in the food or pharmaceutical capital equipment markets preferred.
  • AutoCAD or 2-D drafting preferred.

Primary Duties:

1. Product Line Management

  • Lead application/concept review meetings
  • Lead internal kickoff meetings for all projects
  • Organize and lead all design reviews
  • Participate in and support product line development
  • Maintain accurate price sheets and proposal shell documents
  • Maintain 3rd party file folders
  • Coordinate all film tests
  • Actively participate in weekly production meeting and provide feedback to sales team
  • Create hand samples
  • Attend and participate in sales effort at trade shows
  • Attend and participate in customer meetings with Regional Sales Managers as required

2. Proposals (Formal and Budgetary)

  • Review Request For Proposal information and price sheet submitted by Regional Sales Manager or VP of Sales & Marketing for each potential project for application and accuracy.
  • Work with Sales Assistant to prepare proposals
  • Manage/direct customer specification review process (Most mechanical and electrical specification reviews to be done by others)
  • Obtain 3rd party proposals for all 3rd party equipment
  • Review proposal price, lead time and efficiency statements with Vice President of Sales & Marketing for custom projects.
  • Create or request proposal drawings

3. Project Management for Major Projects

  • Become primary internal point of contact over the period from the Kick-off meeting until engineering completion and remain primary point of contact until Site Acceptance after installation; sales person is involved at a decreasing level over the period from the Kick-off Meeting until engineering release.
  • Administer Sales Order revision process (“standard” changes directly to customer; “specials” after consulting with VP Sales & Marketing)
  • Obtain product and film samples for engineering evaluation and for machine testing
  • Manage 3rd party equipment sourcing
  • Provide timely customer feedback/input to engineering
  • Ensure floor plan and label drawing customer approvals are received
  • Actively facilitate timely project communication and problem resolution by and between departments to ensure Projects remain on schedule
  • Provide timely and frequent communication and feedback to VP Sales & Marketing, sales person, and customer (respond always within 24 hours, usually much quicker, even if it is “I received the request and will get back to you by ___”).
  • Maintain accurate and complete sales order files
  • Work with Project Manager to Agree on a Project Open Issues communication tool for the organization
  • When useful, create a Gantt chart or some similar tool for Project schedule monitoring and communication within the organization; when required by customer, provide the Gantt chart for their Project
  • Schedule design reviews with customers
  • Technical contribution to new designs and customer specials
  • Coordinate with accounting to ensure that invoices are sent out at the proper milestones
  • Create and/or manage validation documents (IQ/OQ etc.) if any
  • Create and validate risk assessments when required by customer
  • Ensure Projects are built, tested, and meet order requirements
  • Communicate FAT schedule with customer and sales so both can attend if desired
  • Schedule and lead FAT, maintaining and ensuring completion of punch list action items; backup priority for FAT leadership is Sales Person for contract and VP Sales & Marketing
  • Verify safety inspections, video, and photos are completed before Project shipping
  • Coordinate equipment shipment with the Traffic Coordinator.
  • Coordinate Post-Shipment problem resolution activities until Site Acceptance is received; travel to customer site when necessary

4. Contribute as necessary/appropriate to Product Line Technical Documentation

  • Operator and Controls Manuals
  • Training materials (PowerPoints, videos, etc.)

5. Any other duties assigned by the Vice President of Sales & Marketing



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